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The small courtyard of Lao father home wanted lease to go, I go back look.


6 years old before ground time I am spent in small courtyard almost, nevertheless since went up elementary school, went rarely, going up is more after junior high school had not gone again, go this also was the lad with old long parted to meet again.


Step into familiar gate, the grapevine in the courtyard has grown very densely, freely crisscross, big like umbrella left a shady and cool ground for small courtyard block, want to know, see it still is lone one rod last. Entered room, old still pattern did not change, nevertheless lots and lots of things in house evoke the memory that had me.


That bicycle by the television, I ride in one's childhood. Still remember making a noise to shouting to want to learn a bicycle at that time, mom buys me. Just bought, lao father puts forward actively to want to teach me to ride a bicycle, I am extremely happy, cheerful ground and Lao father go out experienced. Lao is a sports center at the door father home, I ride in that. Just began, lao father teachs me to be put first with a foot, another foot toes step on twice on the ground put again, but that old method getting on a car at me character is too difficult, I fell not to learn, cry chirp ground lets Lao a form of a address for an official or rich man to teach me a kind of method again. Lao father makes me direct sit above begin to ride, he is helping my car up to avoid my trip, every time I am lopsided be about when to turn over, lao father always can use him of the firmly of big handgrip bicycle with double then strong warmth secure. Then, when other child threw an again and again, below the protection that I a form of a address for an official or rich man in Lao however safe and sound. The old hand that Lao as form of a address for an official or rich man is the solid and powerful backup force when I ride a bicycle, also make my knee little a lot of knock against, the ground that gave me straight face difficulty is angry.


The sweater in the cabinet, piled most cabinet. Grandmother knits those sweater to me. The hand of grandmother is very artful, I in one's childhood wool of a lot of sweater pits, grandmother does still have small quilt and Qiu Yiqiu pants to me with one's own hands. There is a small hat in my impression, it is at that time grandmother gave one person of I and elder sister to knit, go out to play snow to be being worn in the winter, did not feel cold, extremely warm. Very small still when I am not witting thing, the steer clear of of posse round cotton thread that often taking grandmother tangles again on, always still do those who get chaotic, grandmother saw very helpless also, can nod the forehead blame that nods me only a few. Wait for me again a bit bigger, I removed interest suddenly to want to learn to knit sweater with grandmother, very patient ground taught grandmother me, still laughing to say: "I is this to should have a successor? " but I learned a few days to feel uninteresting not to learn, also fail to accede the craft of grandmother go down, it is really all one's life regretful. This sweater of full ark is in of sunshine next beamed sending out the steam of a warm seething, fume my heart redly attack attack, of warm complacently.


More than these, still have a lot of. Mom takes me to go what the photo studio pats is thick an album collect, pat every year; Mom gives me bought small skirt, withhold all the time now; Father gives me the stamp that become, be my birthday exclusive; The wine that Lao him father makes, sweet is not very hot, I often close lightly 9; The recorder in the home is the play that I call in one's childhood completely...


The love in days is light, warm warm, look be like insipid common however full of warmth, flow slowly drip, stream drip, had shed my atrium sadly, brushy, offend my heart needle is vibratily, hit a sneeze...