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If life makes fun of, diplomacy of the play in play is replacing tragicomedy. In the life, people resembles be in act in a play, imperceptible, be puzzled by play place, lost way. However life this play, be destined is not a monodrama, be leading role? Be costar? This is not the arrangement of God, this is not a life, also not be invariable, as long as the person still is in, the concept in the heart does not have a change, all both hands that can use oneself go changing.


The life is a play, below different environment, deducing different story. In the school, our identity is a student. Because of us year young, life experience is insufficient, also can learn knowledge only. At the beginning, we are puppet, disconsolate in the doorsill in school regulations, this must not, that must not, became already inertial, our task has a —— study only. because be puppet, line is being mastered closely by the teacher, do not know what oneself are thinking forever, it is mechanization ground repeats each days only. Probably, the teacher thinks we are small still, whats do not understand, teaching us according to our train of thought. Actually, our heart also has defied sentiment, unwilling be fallen by the number, if each other compare the heart the heart, all metropolises are different perhaps. Planting because of this unwilling, we should try best to catch up to learn desperately, change till “ kid ” ” of “ male lion. Of course, can have what kind of final result, successful also or be failure? Resembling is to guessing, unmanned and witting.


In the family, I am acting the part of loneliness and desolate constantly. Be in the home alone every time, the air all round makes me disturbed, times feeling is alone. Parents often is absent for the job beside, I myself just am directing myself. Just entered a society we, those who lost childhood is pure, those who replace is traitorous with full marks / arrogant. Sometimes, can quarrel because of a small contradiction with parents, sometimes too the move that cares about his is installed and bring about vanity to expand. In the home, inner idea often is met as disparate as real operation, wearing mask life, would rather wear word hold back sometimes, also do not wish to appeal to words from one's heart with the family member. It is the chasm of the times, be still the decay of life? Everything is in play bureau, what kind of result can you have? Be Bei be to be fond of? Be adv unimaginably!


In the society, before different person, can act different role. Face boss, a pair respectfully, because give birth to vivid place to need, any feeling the metropolis is very good conceal; Face a colleague, sometimes kind, sometimes scanty from, more it is cautious however each other beware of, because one not careful, all plans are met all in vain; Face the friend beside, it is another kind of identity, the friend is not a bosom friend, can have an estrangement from beginning to end, want to accompany a friend to drink sometimes, but after all these things are not he are willing go doing, a true oneself are other only minor minor role. This lives namely, everybody is leading role occasionally, and it is costar however sometimes, also be a walk-on only likely.


Live even if such, gut is again beautiful, can be a play only after all; Life also is such, everybody is puppet, from be being pulled at the beginning, until can till oneself act in a play. Cast off that to wind the string on the body when a person, become the director in the life, that succeeds namely; Be pulled to be worn all the time when a person, cooperating other to act in a play, it is desolate that such life is destined.


There is a bosom friend that knows you beside if, cherish well please. When because mix,he is together, you are not to be in act in a play, entering sport however.