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Gentle breeze is vernal, imperceptible I already was member of the Youth League near 5 years, engrave of hour of our the Youth League is worn the instruction of the party, follow the pace of the party is ongoing. Chinese Communist, the serves for people outstanding political party that is interest of the working class of a delegate, he is the vanguard of Chinese the working class, it is the leadership core of Chinese socialism career, it is the spokesman of interest of people of Chinese every nationality more, he resembles the sun that rises first one round, enlighten for us ahead, how-to and right way.


Although had appeared,the Chinese Communist is in on the history mistake, but seasonable also corrected an error, chinese Communist member people the course bleeds, struggle, just eventually open up gave a right way, suit Chinese road, namely road of Chinese characteristic socialism. The Chinese Communist represents ” 3 times to develop view and be used to serious thought, scientificly to make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China to regard his core as the thought nearly with theory of Marxism-Lininism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping, “ , leading people to go up too happy and in good health day, consistent play all sorts of ends, if take off battle of deficient assault fortified positions, implementation comprehensive and comparatively well-off society, hit a tiger to pat fly to wait, the each step that the party takes, it is considering for people, serve for people, because this is the tenet of the Chinese Communist, the Chinese Communist represents the development requirement of Chinese advanced productivity, represent the ongoing way of Chinese advanced culture, delegate China is the broadest prime increase of people. The highest ideal of the party and ultimate goal are implementation communism, this target is helpful for a country already the development of composition home, be helpful for people's life again, the jumping-off place that the party works is for people's interest forever and hard.


Now, the achievement that the party works is already ceaseless showed come out, the task of the assault fortified positions that take off deficient had very big effect, build comparatively well-off society to be finished already basically in the round, the force of science and technology of our country and martial force are advance rapidly more, built weather eye project to wait. These achievement are to proving the viatic that Chinese Communist place chooses is correct undoubtedly.


Party flag is the bright red flag that enchasing hook and hammer at the same time, those who representing a Chinese Communist is difficult struggle with delegate the working class and farmer, party members cannot forget this gorgeous flag forever in the heart. Party badge also is same, comprise with hammer by hook. It is this gorgeous flag, glaring badge, the member that let countless Chinese Communists is this advance wave upon wave, even if sacrifice is without regret meaning, everything what contributing oneself altruisticly, they ever were in China most jeopardy when, it is when China is the most acedia, initiate speeches and parade, invigorating everybody civilian, let the people in despair see matutinal dawn, let them light a raging fire in the heart, stand up bravely go struggling, go having the dedication of regret, make new China firm in almost acedia condition raise a head, beat difficulty, become big state.


The Chinese Communist resembles the rising sun that rises first, break up dark; The beacon on boundless and indistinct offing, how-to direction. I what go on life journey hear hour party word, go with the party forever!