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It is one washs rice the hazy drizzle of drop of the sound of rain, let me remember rain again.


The world is Protean, in all sceneries, I love rain alone only however this kind. On natural arena, everythings on earth is being performed repeatedly back and forth, and rain however extraordinary, original, drew the favour of a lot of people. Scan widely Gu Jin, praise article too numerous to mention one by one of rain, eulogize pluvial line is countless more. And all these, should be attributed to rain to be brought to people inspect, sound, touch the beauty that go up, and his that quietly elegant, pleasing character.


In the life, I always can enjoy every time body to lie the opportunity in a fine drizzle. Go on the road, maintain a small umbrella, it is companion with rain, viewing and admire the world of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye silently. The rain that looks at a drop falls to go up, put together by wind like more than 100000 transparent flowers, give off pluvial too many beautiful things; On drippy like 100 thousand distinctive ink paper, fall the bellyful of a rain combs and arrange silk threads-attend to state affairs; More persistent like 100 thousand soldier fights courageously, fight gave the mark of pluvial water constantly dripping wears holes in stone. Look at, look at, in discovering this world of ceaseless change, it seems that only rain never has changed. Forever, fall stealthily beside us; Forever, had gone at the moment in us silently; Forever, a figure that that heroic bearing ofs material bearing keeps silently in our brain. See rain, like the life that sees an a man of noble character. Nobody admire even if, but he always can try hard to hold to, deduce attentively, never character is abandoned, be just as the touchstone of test of a withstand, a changeless ego is withheld in this 100 worlds that change. Oh! Original a man of noble character is in all the time I at the moment.


Look at the rain before, the rain of side side is unwilling also give the impression of weakness writes a composition. The spit of each numerous and complicated, always have wash rice the sound of drop of the sound of rain joins. This sound, so clear and bright, such sky is clever, transmit filar silk like far pleasant and fluted, plunge livelily in ear. Had answered a god suddenly to come, can discover again, that piping person of original far, just about beside the rain that nowhere is absent. Be like far be like close, nowhere is not in pluvial sound, in passing into ear, in passing into a heart, always be in imperceptible, the mood is abrupt and optimistic, comfortable, that is the heart that rain is using his enthusiastic and good-tempered sound to purifying us, catharsis is worn our soul! Oh! Original a man of noble character is all the time by the side of my ear.


Finally, I still reached a hand cannot refrain fromingly, touched gently rain. One, two, the rain that 3 …… drip one drop falls in finger tip, pass finger, resemble falling in the heart. This kind of cool and refreshing feeling, always can make me in any moment suddenly see the light, with resemble an intimate, although you communicate with him rarely, but he always can be accompanied beside you, it is difficult to prepare to discharge care to solve for you at any time. Faithful, have deep love for, original, gentleman is all the time in my heart!


Call in the line of sight, compared with archaic people, present people appears aloofer and aloofer rain. People always sticks troublesome, hinderous label to rain, forgot to lower his head to see oneself heart however, after all yearning what. Fame, interest, compared with the ancients, whether is present people a go even farther than to his pursuit? The life becomes drab, the heart becomes blundering, when perhaps having, we just need to linger a little while in rain, go experiencing rain, experience gentleman, going seeing him is how to see clear fame and gain, hold to persistence, what maintain the spirit forever is pure.