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In the life, have all sorts of taste, joys and sorrows of life is salty, make me happy sometimes, make me sad sometimes, let my ashamed regret sometimes.


When showing a surplus a few days from class elegant demeanour, zhou Si afternoon last classes, our class comes to the rehearse on the banner stage of school sports ground.


The program rehearses very smoothly by order, arrived at a draught collective of whole class of — of the last program that press an axis is read aloud " heroic paean " . Stand still after formation, I begin to get Song: “ beacon billow is sung hero, ear of all sides green sidehill listens when ……” reads aloud ” of leopard of tiger of drive of “ people soldier all the time, give out suddenly below the stage vociferant: “ stops! ” I by Jing, one face is muddled.


“ is no good! You are read aloud badly, why to use falsetto chant? Such not reading Orphean, with your former voice! ” Mr. Xu uses a bit indignant sound respecting.


“ , good ” , I reply in a low voice.


Rehearse begins the 2nd times: “ beacon billow sings heroic ……”


“ is incorrect! The sound of severity of ” Mr. Xu is transmitted once more, “ uses former voice, resemble me such. ” Mr. Xu issues clang effectively to be being done in the stage set an example. At this moment I very feel puzzled: “ uses former voice, what is to use former voice? How be used again? My everyday voice is such ah, does the teacher's means let me lower voice a few? ……”“ of ”“ beacon billow is no good, be no good, be no good! Fly into a rage of ” Mr. Xu, say quarrelsomely: You recite “ so composition, see you how do to moment! ”


At the moment, I am in a state of utter stupefaction, palmar heart sweats continuously, tear is straight in orbit revolve.


Successive after 78 rehearse, mr. Xu is even more angry, had abandoned me it seems that, said voice: “ which schoolgirl will should get Song? ” but silent, rehearse is forced to come to an end.


Look, mr. Xu is thoroughly disappointed to me. I return a classroom crestfallenly, there are kind of inarticulate lose and grievance in the heart, I feel I used up a heart.


But the following day afternoon, mr. Xu calls me reading of separate before her training, mr. Xu demonstrates at the same time, correct my pronunciation at the same time, set an example through what relapse, training, my reading effect a lot of, the edge nods by the side of Mr. Xu ground of with a kind and pleasant countenance says to me: “ was opposite, very good, very good ……”


Instantly, my grievance yesterday, complaint vanished completely at a draught, my self-righteous former thinks reading is very plain, just understand now, reading also is to want to listen more, learn more, drill more and stress skill, compare yesterday, the effect after coaching through the teacher today is different really.


I am thankful from the bottom of the heart Mr. Xu is right my care, also emerge feeling of an ashamed regret, ever had blamed a teacher yesterday, feel the teacher is too severe to me exacting, just understand now, it is I am done badly really, mr. Xu also is anxious, it is a set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve. I want to will do what thing without giving thought to henceforth, want hardheaded, treat seriously.