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The disabled, it is a special group, they wait for a respect because of limbs, audition, language, intelligence more or less and lot passes the eye with peculiar other. Care disabled, we should understand and pay close attention to the disabled above all. Next, care care, those who point to is care and care. Knew this humanitarian consideration only, ability the name with love, coronal with my heart.


Common example is the person such as helen keller, Beethoven, Hocking. Their body has disability, but do not abandon, often constantly strive to become stronger, indomitable. Annual in May the 3rd Sunday, no matter the leader still is masses, they are offerred for the disabled of one's own accord give aid to accordingly or help. This day, it is the whole nation aids disease day. Nowadays, every group is contributing government of —— of a force to publish relevant law policy for deformity career in order to maintain legal interest of the disabled; Common masses publicizes ” of “ care disabled actively this one theme; The refreshment that rehabilitation treats a group to help the disabled actively and make they can blend in social …… better these, it is this society place mention the humanitarian consideration that comes out now, elder people achievement drive is worn we go disabled of attention, care, care group of this one weak force. This is helpful for the development of disabled career not only, the socialistic modernization powerful nation that still is helpful for building beauty of a prosperous and strong and democratic civilized harmony.


2005 spring ” of 1000 hands avalokitesvara can say late program “ is widely known, but the girls that how many person knows these 21 average ages 21 years old have again be but the girls that how many person knows these 21 average ages 21 years old have again,deaf-mute actor? ” of 1000 hands avalokitesvara brought “ our shock, also won the evaluation of countrywide audience height, but we least of all should of oversight is the artistic glamour in the program and humanitarian feelings. This humanitarian feelings let these girls win respect not only, still realized their life value. And we, it is OK to also borrowing this opportunity better go understanding the disabled, esteem disabled. The deformity of the body is not terrible, terrible is interior deformity. These girls showed the disabled's more firm will to us, this spirit is worth our composition everybody to learn.


Liu Wei, touched one of 10 important person of Chinese 2011. One's early years loses an arm because of the accident, but he is done not have at this point cannot recover after a setback, contrary, that 12 years old years he begins study to swim and joined Beijing disabled to swim team, in countrywide disabled of 14 years old natant tounament ” achieved two good result of Jin Yiyin. Not only such, in 16 years old when he begins to learn habitually use foot to type again. Many years old 10 when what are we doing? We are learning the knowledge of the school seriously, the nature that love plays still is put stay in in one's heart, of the parent caress the childhood that lets us carefree, but Liu Wei of many years old 10 relies on his purchase already outstanding achievement. After 3 years, liu Wei had obtained ” of countrywide disabled natant tounament twice champion of project of 100 meters of breaststroke. Of the same age, he begins to learn to play piano with double foot, it is endowment probably it is enough effort probably, he can play with a year only piece be equivalent to a hand playing piano major the piano music of 7 grade level " the wedding in the dream " . In touching 10 important person of Chinese, such writing of the prize-giving speech to Liu Wei: “ is become the double arm of trice of rope callosity ground of the destiny, when the distress of the look groan life of others, he still goes up toughly to dream to insert wing, write down on key with double foot: Believe oneself. The air of that irregular change, be the contrail that he flies hard. Although ” Liu Wei lost an arm because of the accident, but he replaced an arm with other limbs, proved oneself thereby. The spirit on disabled body has too much and too much be worth us to learn, annals of their body incomplete firm, constantly strive to become stronger, established very good model for us. The development of China of no less than cannot leave the effort with our acting generation, our progress also is delivered from what do not open each mind.


Care disabled is a kind of humanitarian consideration. Besides help disabled, we should care more, cherish and respect them. The progress of the thought just is social progress, care disabled is us the responsibility of whole society, from this the powerful nation of construction socialism modernization with our nicer gift!