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Time is like an arrow, time elapse quickly, before you can say Jack Robinson the days of junior high school that we already left 3 years, subsequently and those who come is the expectation that is full of to high school. Leave in this with receive the hour that interweaves, my heart has thousands of words to want to pour out.


Leave junior high school, I am full of be sentimentally attached to and do not abandon; Embrace high school, I am full of expect with yearning.


In life of junior high school, study and sports training are perforative from beginning to end two big themes, bearing the weight of the memory of my majority: I remember just beginning to contact the novelty of knowledge of junior high school, remember discovering knowledge in study more glamour, still write down so that to take an exam and be enmeshed Yu Shushan inscribes the effort in the sea and final get one's own back; I more remember what go up in green mattress field dripping with sweat, that is my true teenager period, in sports training I felt unprecedented green power, more fostered my importunate precious character.


1000 meters of long-distance running left deep impression to me: From 5 minutes of above of 7 grade, to 8 grade wander in four seconds, arrive again the advance rapidly of 9 grade, force continuously full marks line, for the last time 3 minutes of 38 seconds when I use 1000 meters of long-distance race, this does not lean in the rank in the schoolboy before, but this witnessed me 3 years however especially the effort of 9 grade. In drawing near, take an examination of, jing hears body side to cancel, I do not regret for this however, what harvest in sports training is cheerful with gotten power it is a mark far cannot compare.


Leave junior high school, I still want to leave teacher and classmate, they accompanied career of my whole junior high school. The inculcate of teachers, benefit other people is silent, impart not only knowledge of my science culture, more make I mastered more scientific study method, bred more the thinking of careful, the high school that is me with this and even farther make bedding in the future; Of classmates accompany day and night, in boundless study itinerary in added countless pleasure, kept full memory. The pillow big fight that happens in 309 dormitories when 7 grade, I am at that time " fuse " , also have other fellow student " attend a war " , final we " internecine " , in Mr. Wu adjust next flames of war to be able to appease.


Enter 8 year, we held games, found a party 100 years activity, read aloud the match mid-autumn; Even if is shortly is taken an examination of in 9 grade, we also have the activity such as tug-of-war match. Rich collective activity left deep impression to me, this is sure to become me to be opposite in the future the yearning of junior high school and be sentimentally attached to.


Be full of look forward to the ground to receive high school, I am full of expect with yearning. Is what do not tell high school new how to know to meet? The teacher that doesn't tell high school and classmates how? Can the study life that does not know high school 3 years be how? At the moment, high school no less than a piece " long for 3 years " white paper, await us to go the drawing with the most beautiful scale; It is like a piece of grandiose blue print again, need us to spread out slowly; It seem a paragraph of sealed journey, we are the traveler that are full of curiosity and courage. As to this paragraph of journey will how, our have no way is informed, but I believe journey is wonderful the manner that depended on us and action, want us to face brand-new high school life with upbeat mood, positive action only, can experience 3 more wonderful years certainly, results more the fructification of plentiful and substantial.


Junior high school of turn one's head, my results is full, do not take a pity; Look into high school, I am full of look forward to, the stride is forward.