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Shade wet of a few days is angry, after the commencement that lets us is delayed all the time, now, held eventually.


Enter a school gate, big arched door shifts to an earlier date ready, full ceremony feels.


This the activity is held in amphitheatre, had not arrived in personnel neat when, there is a classmate to be in on screen alma mater growing course of 4 years, one Zhangzhang photograph is recording the growing contrail of classmates, the picture is showing classmates once struggle with experience, each camera lens is answered putting everybody's good associate with, this happy hour is particularly commemorable.


The commencement begins formally, zhou Jiao sends a blessing, abundant teacher makes a speech on behalf of the teacher, every student delegate appeals to affection of teachers and students, teachers all right-about-face, the bow that accepts a student ceremony, favour of division of recall with deep emotion, the president serves bouquet for every teacher. We stand stagewise, classmates raise a mobile phone in succession, the record leaves this grave and unforgettable hour.


After a few flow, it is each performance when, this quadrille stage is of classmates.


Ferial against time, shed tears of ferial brandish sweat is to be final in one's deceased father prepare, at the moment in the heavy curtain that take an examination of already fell, everybody can show his elegant demeanour to the top of one's bent. It is to be not shown really do not know, appear really breathtaking ah! One exhibit singing voice to put Gao Ge, the talent that the edge plays an edge to sing is revealed, have those who brandish long sleeve all shows appearance of lithe and graceful dance, have the reading of small combination, it may be said shows great master each competence, coquettish got alone! The applause below the stage often rings, it is the biggest to everybody affirmation and praise and honor, child people -- club! Look, not be to do not have ability, just did not find stage.


After celebration ends, it is see sb off. Take an examination of in this year sing Gong Ge, the school prepared red carpet for graduate designedly, low grade classmate lists road send off. The director is guided, after teachers tighten therewith, the hand holds everybody in both hands bouquet, stepping brand-new red carpet, guide a classmate to had gone " we graduated " " youth blossoms, dreamy sailing " big arched door, this is adumbrative classmates leave now alma mater, tomorrow be about to open new journey, the blessing did not come everybody all the way level road.


Grand celebration, an enthusiastic send off, a paragraph of unforgettable photograph gets together, this is the good memory that lives to junior high school, this is the special performance that attributes youth alone. Youth is one opens the book that does not close to go up, it is the beautiful season that belongs to you only; Graduation, be life set sail again, it is the another start after brave climbs a peak. Today, you graduated, but your youth never graduates!


Ask everybody to remember: Have a kind of youth, cry first 4; Have practice of a kind of all previous, in crying, take an examination of; One kind grows, make finish school. Now, you graduated, not be good-bye, get ready however wait for hair, set sail!


The blessing is in prospective day, every 38 middle schools child there can be fire in the heart, the bright in the eye, before one direction, add writes new canto, alma mater is the person that you are witnessed forever.


Cheer, hind billow people, wish you return still is a teenager!